St. George the Great Martyr Church
A parish of the Orthodox Church in America
Pharr, TX
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About Orthodoxy

What is the Gospel? Read a PDF brochure that we have available (Courtesy of Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick & Ancient Faith Radio): 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ (PDF)

The Orthodox Church literally traces its history back to the book of Acts.
(Read the last page of the Gospel PDF above and then take a look at this timeline - click on it to clear up the text):


What is the Orthodox Church?

The Orthodox Church is:

evangelical but not Protestant;
It is Orthodox but not Jewish
It is Catholic but not Roman
It is not denominational.....
It is pre-denominational.

It has believed, taught,
preserved, defended and died 
for the Faith of the Apostles
since the day of Pentecost.

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